• O-LAMP® SMART Full-Color Lantern

    16million various colors. What is your color?

O-LAMP® SMART Full-Color Lantern

Express your own Colour.

smart full color lantern

Lantern for outdoor, Mood lamp for Entertaining.


bluetooth tech

via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

With ultra-low power Bluetooth technology allows you to control the lantern in the radius of about 10m without wasting battery. The O-LAMP SMART app is available supports all Android, iPhone for free.
full color lantern

Full Color Control

Full color LED function allows you to choose your own color or make special mood.
two mode lantern

White Mode & Full Color Mode

It has pure white and full color LED together. Full color LED is optimized for entertainment and pure white LED for general use, outdoor lifestyle.
usb lantern

Power Bank

With a built-in USB port You can charge your smart phone. Try O-LAMP SMART latern, then you will feel safe wherever you go(5,200mAh).


You can connect a small flash light or mini-fan, reading light to the USB output port.

Long-lasting Runtime

Due to the use of official Samsung battery(5,200mAh), O-LAMP is safe and it’s run time is maximally 300 hours.
no health impact

Harmless and Safety

The previous harmful insect prevention product used chemical substances which might have bad influence on human body. On the contrary, ZEROBUGS® Technology, the harmful insect protection technology which is applied on O-LAMP SMART doesn’t have any harmful effects.


Trust in our products! For your safe, we obtianed several safety certifications.
– Smart Lantern KC certification
– Acquisition of Battery KC certification and etc.


  smart lantern smart full colorlantern
Model O-LAMP® SMART Full-Color
Material Body Aluminium
Cap Plastic
Finish Hard Anodized
Lumen 최소 20lm ~ 최대 380lm
Mode White : Low 20lm → Normal 200lm → High 400lm Color : Unlimited colors can change with the O-LAMP SMART app.
LED Color Pure White & Full-Color
Battery Re-chargeable Li-ion battery 5,200mAh (embedded)
Runtime Min 5hrs ~ Max 300hrs (Charge time : 3hrs)
Network BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.0. (connection range is maximally tens of meters)
Mobile Requirements Android 4.3, iPhone 4 and above(Bluetooth 4.0 and above)
Input Voltage DC 5V 1.5A
Output Voltage DC 5V 1A
Dimension 224g
Made in Korea, Republic of
*Mobile Requirements is only for using O-LAMP SMART app which controls O-LAMP SMART latern. So you can use O-LAMP SMART latern, even if you don’t have smart phone. However, the function of full color(especially variable color range) might be limited.


Your outdoor life will be upgraded.