• Fundamental harmful insect approach prevention technology, using the visual recognition system of insect

    ZEROBUGS® Technology

    With our filtering technology, approach of harmful insect to LED reduces.

    ZEROBUGS® Technology

Bug Protection LED

Technology which reduces approach of the phototactic flies.



Filed Test

Comparison test for harmful insect collection rate between normal(typical) white LED and LED lantern which has ZEROBUGS® Technology.  
Technical Overview
General Lighting such as white LED, fluorescent lights has visible ray wavelengths(380nm~780nm) which human can perceive, and they overlap the wavelengths of fly. That is why when we turn on the light at night, flies rushes into our houses. The headquarter developed the technology which prevents harmful insect approach by using Phosphor lamination(coating) for LED which is mixed with Rare earth resources in order to filter the wavelengths of light out for remaining the wavelengths of human, and reducing the flies. This technology is not about repelling but preventing from approach of harmful insect.  
Differentiator with other pest control techniques


The previous harmful insect prevention product used chemical substances which might have bad influence on human body. On the contrary, ZEROBUGS® Technology, the harmful insect protection technology which only used filtering technology doesn’t have any harmful effects. Besides, one of the latest research says that general white LED rarely emit ultraviolet rays, but due to the blue wavelengths of white LED, it affects badly on human eyes. “Excessive blue lights weaken eyesight(link)” “France National Agency of Health Security of Food, Environment and Labour(Anses) says that intense LED light on some parts of the human eyes causes the damage to the eyes(link)” However, LED light from ZEROBUGS® Technology which rarely has blue wavelengths greatly reduces the maleficence.


The best condition for outdoor activities comes from perfect harmful insect prevention. And the best insect prevention technology is preventing it’s approach. ZEROBUGS® Technology fundamentally reduces insect approach by using visual recognition system of human and insect.
This technology could be used with almost all White and Blue Base LED Chip by laminating(coating). Besides, LED chips which ZEROBUGS® Technology applied could be used on these areas ; hot and humid place, place where many phototaxis flies appear.
For example,
– Industrial settings : construction sites, cafe terrace, pension.
– Family places : porch light, outdoor light
– Private places : night camping, fishing, climbing places
Products wtih ZEROBUGS®
smart Lantern



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